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Evan Chapman
By Evan Chapman on September 30, 2021

Advanced Mining Production Systems Partners with Skillslive Docebo LMS

Skillslive selected as preferred learning technology provider for the Advanced Mining Production Systems Learning Management System.


Advanced Mining Production Systems (AMPS) are industry leaders in technical services optimisations, systems and training with significant experience in operational Engineering and Geology.

AMPS works with their clients to provide the highest quality professional services to build capabilities within the organisation through mentoring, training and provision of world-class procedures and systems.

AMPS has been seeking a learning platform to deliver its content to clients in the mining sector. It was essential to AMPS that the learner experience is conducted in the most professional way possible, with highly configurable learning journeys and the ability to apply clients' branding as critical requirements. Another essential factor for AMPS was that some clients' need to have training records automatically updated in their own in-house LMS systems.


Our learning specialists have strategic insight with technical and tactical know-how to maximise your organisation’s learning strategy in a world driven by digital transformation.


Skillslive consulted with AMPS over approximately six months and identified that Docebo would be an excellent fit for their use case, particularly with its capacity to handle multiple client sub instances from a centrally managed platform using Extended Enterprise. Its excellent interoperability and open API also meant it could easily take all integration requirements. Our product demonstrations helped us to illustrate the alignment between AMPS and the Docebo/Skillsllive solution.

As AMPS works with Skillslive over the coming weeks to implement the Learning Management System LMS, it also produces some exciting and engaging learning content, which will be the true centrepiece. Together, we're looking toward a successful launch!


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Skillslive Learn

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Skillslive is a valued Docebo Partner for the Asia Pacific Region.



Docebo’s mission is to redefine the way enterprises learn by applying new technologies to the traditional corporate learning management system market. Docebo provides an easy-to-use, highly configurable and affordable learning platform with the end-to-end capabilities and critical functionality needed to train internal and external workforces, partners and customers. This allows customers to take control of their desired training strategies and retain institutional knowledge, while providing efficient course delivery, tracking of learning progress, advanced social learning opportunities, and in-depth reporting tools and analytics.

Docebo’s robust platform helps its customers centralise a broad range of learning materials from peer enterprises and learners into one artificial intelligence-powered Learning Platform to expedite and enrich the learning process, increase productivity and grow teams uniformly.

Published by Evan Chapman September 30, 2021
Evan Chapman