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Kane Willems
By Kane Willems on March 23, 2021

Why Customer Experience Matters when Onboarding Your Way to Success.

Skillslive Customer Experience central to the Docebo LMS Implementation: Do it your way and do it right the first time!



When you choose Docebo as your Learning Management System LMS, you can rest assured that we will guide you through every step of the onboarding process, from sales to implementation and ongoing support.

At Skillslive, we have extensive industry knowledge, access to the latest technologies, practical tools and powerful research capabilities. What sets us apart, however, is our commitment to achieving the highest standards of professional excellence. 

This commitment means that we're passionate about ensuring you enjoy a seamless transition from our Sales Team to our Implementation Team, then from our Implementation Team to our industry-leading Customer Experience Managers who will take care of your needs once you've started using the Docebo Learning Platform LMS.

While others might place most of their efforts into closing the sale before taking the foot off the gas, for us, the sale is just the beginning of a close relationship.

Why are these transitions from one team to the next so important? A smooth handoff is crucial for the successful implementation and operation of any Learning Management System.

So let's meet the team and see how it all works!



Sales: Discovery, documentation & preparation.

Hi, we're the Skillslive Sales Team, and we are your first point of contact. We'll work closely with you to delve into your organisation's requirements to put together the best learning solution for your needs.

Through this process, we'll discover some of your objectives, challenges and any unique requirements. We'll take extensive notes, develop a deep understanding of your business and the context within which it operates, and begin to set realistic expectations around the rollout of your LMS. 

Cross-team collaboration.

Our team works closely with the Customer Experience Team at the other end of the onboarding process. By doing so, we benefit from deeper insights into potential obstacles and can address them before they come up. 

When it comes time to begin implementing your learning system, we make sure that our Implementation Team is as well-equipped as possible to begin their work. 

Handover to the implementation team.

Our Implementation Team acquires the comprehensive and well-documented body of work that has been done to date through a thorough handover process. This is pivotal to ensuring that the implementation runs smoothly and the LMS itself is fit for its purpose. 

The handover from Sales to Implementation is done over two dedicated sessions.

The first session is a formal introduction, with a high-level discussion about your organisation, learning objectives and business requirements. 

During the second session, the Implementation Lead will set out the implementation plan, including mapping out the expectations, team roles, processes and timelines. 

This is where you say goodbye to Sales, and you are now officially in the capable hands of our Implementation Team. 

Now it's time to really roll up our sleeves and start the important work that is implementation - often referred to as 'onboarding'. 




Implementation: Working with you to enhance your learning management system LMS.


For the Skillslive Implementation Team, every implementation we do is different. This is because we don't take a one-size-fits-all approach. We work with you - the client - to deploy a platform that is fit for your company's purpose. Throughout the process, we also focus on enabling you to administer the platform as we advance.

During this stage of the project, there are many moving parts. We'll gather lots of information, facilitate regular sessions and prepare our Customer Experience team to hit the ground running at the end of the implementation.

Our thorough approach and extensive experience mean that we leave no stone unturned.

Learning strategy, objectives & use-cases. 

One of our first steps is to sit down with you and identify how you intend to use the learning platform. 

Who are your users? What are your learning objectives, your learning strategy, your business goals?

After our initial introduction, our first session is a use-case deep dive, which will let us tailor the implementation to suit the way you intend to use the product.

Pain points, uncover best practices.

While exploring your use-cases, we'll also begin to uncover any pain points that exist or are likely to arise. 

Identifying potential obstacles at this point lets us address them before they become roadblocks. To do this really effectively, we work closely with our Customer Experience team and invite your stakeholders' feedback. 

Set an achievable Success criteria.

When we've begun to draw a clear picture of what your learning platform and your implementation will look like, we find it really helpful - and really important - to set success criteria for each goal or deliverable. 

This will be the measure by which we evaluate the implementation. Not only does this ensure the highest level of accountability on our part, but it assists in keeping the project on track and in avoiding any ambiguity further down the line.

Stick to the plan, project management is key.

Implementing an online learning platform is a big, multifaceted task. It involves coordinating lots of different teams and stakeholders at different points in time.

We use interactive and collaborative project management tools such as Trello to create a visual representation of the implementation project.

Here, we will lay out each of our 12 sessions, including what we will cover in each one, and provide the e-learning training material for each session to be easily accessible to everyone involved.

Communication and planning are key to the success of any large project like this, and our project management expertise ensures that we're all on the same page throughout the process.

Participate, engage, training & enable.

Throughout the implementation process, we have regular sessions with the client to involve them in the implementation.

Each feature is tested and scrutinised to ensure that it is functional and will bring value to the business. While this acts to realign our goals throughout the project, it has the added benefit of exposing the client to the platform and beginning the training process.

By creating engaging content throughout our testing and training sessions, we can achieve our goal of enabling the client to use the system effectively once implementation has been completed.

Start with the end in mind, document progress.

As you can see, we cover much territory throughout the implementation. To ensure that our learnings remain valuable and to achieve a successful handover to the Customer Experience team, we keep meticulous notes on everything.

These notes are collated into a single document, which contains everything we've learned, built, fixed and learned again from the very beginning of the customer journey.

This document will be invaluable to our Customer Experience team when taking the client forward and equally important for your business as a comprehensive record of the achievement.

Ready, set, go for launch!

As the implementation draws to a close, we celebrate your new LMS launch with a wrap-up session, where the handover to the Customer Experience team occurs.

Here, we will also confirm that all deliverables have been met and receive a sign-off.


Customer experience: A relationships that invests in your success.


As the team that will manage the relationship in the future, we will schedule an introduction, get to know you personally and take the lead on the account.

Remember, we've been working closely with the Sales Team and the Implementation Team behind the scenes, so we already have a wealth of information about your business and your business requirements. 

More importantly, we have the transition document that catalogues the entire journey to date, so we're really ready to hit the ground running and make your learning platform a success within your organisation.

Skillslive-Whitepaper-LMS Buyers-Guide

At Skillslive, we believe in developing long-lasting relationships. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and our approach reflects this commitment. 


Skillslive is recognised as a high quality and value-driven learning provider; we are your trusted learning advisors. We’ll empower your team to succeed. Let's connect for a chat, contact now.


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Published by Kane Willems March 23, 2021
Kane Willems