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Evan Chapman
By Evan Chapman on April 05, 2021

Are you time poor? Or just being penny-wise?

With some much buzz around Edtech, we pose a controversial question: Is your time best spent working in your Learning Platform LMS?




"Hard at work or hardly working?" - We've all heard this gag around the office at some point. Ever felt like the answer was just a "yes" to both? Like you are paddling like crazy, but only going backwards? 

The term "time poor" is often used to describe this kind of state. The notion of time as a currency of which each of us has only a limited allowable budget from week-to-week may be a little cliche by now, but it's a helpful analogy. (You may also read this as "Get ready because we're going to torture this analogy brutally")


How precious is your time?


Time management trains us (well, nobly tries to teach us) to plan the day before setting to work. This activity is similar to the notion of budgeting, a smart thing to do in either case. Readers are doubtless interrogating themselves with the obvious two questions: "Do I budget my time?" and, just as pertinently, "Do I stick to my budget?" 

While most of us have a good understanding of personal (financial) budgeting, few people could confidently answer "yes" to both of these questions concerning time. And yet, it's time that deserves the more significant share of attention - The more you think about it, the more profound this is. For instance, one difference between time and money is that the former has an absolute, definitive limit. You may one day have a financial windfall making you thousands or even millions of dollars richer, but you'll never get a phone call saying you've just been gifted another 200 years on your lifespan.


Now in the real world, we all need to budget our time.


Despite our best intentions to budget our time, reality can stymie things before we even start.

First thing Monday morning, Donna opens her emails, and before she knows it, the time has hit 11am before she's even begun to plan for the week. Typically, the first recipients of Donna's limited time are the squeakiest wheels. If you spent your paycheque like this - unquestioningly forking out cash to the first (and most vocal) people to ask for it - you would go broke pretty quickly.


Are you pennywise and pound foolish?


If you're not familiar with the term "Pennywise", you should know that it's the first part of an adage - and that the second part is "...and pound foolish". The old saying describes a state of being thrifty but incapable of seeing the big picture. Buy that cheaper pair of boots to save a few pennies, then lose many pounds having to replace them time and again because they wear out so quickly: That kind of thing. 

Many of us are penny wise and pound foolish when refusing to spend (actual) money to save ourselves time, which, as we've demonstrated above, is the more valuable asset. How often do you think of a task you are performing as being outside of your job description? Here's an example - if someone offered to do that job for you for a fee, how likely are you to ask the boss for a budget allocation?


We work with globally recognised brands, and our clients have offices all over the world. All of whom continually place their trust and faith in us to enhance an organisational learning culture and maximise their returns on their learning investments. 


Take advantage of our managed services? 


So, yes, there's a sales pitch here. Skillslive staff spend their entire day working in platforms like Docebo and Elucidat - this type of work is our bread and butter - and we can perform tasks faster and more efficiently (often with knowledge and liberal use of automation) than just about anyone.

Using Skillslive services to manage your platform admin, configuration, instructional design, and more not only removes onerous tasks from your day (freeing up some of that time budget!), but it usually means these tasks get carried out earlier. More often than not, this is the kind of stuff that is holding up your instructors and learners from doing what you want them to - instruct and learn. So the flow-on effects include time saved on follow-ups, replies to follow-ups and the occasional unnecessarily heated exchange. The outcome may introduce you to automation features you never knew existed.

How much does it cost? Well, if you're already asking this question, perhaps a Managed Service isn't for you. And in fairness, these aren't for everyone. L&D managers whose tightly run departments get scrutinised very closely may be better off by being logged onto their Learning Platform LMS throughout the day. Alternatively, if you're *not* time-poor and you purchased your platform specifically to work in it, we certainly wouldn't want to take you away from this. (Don't worry: We love these platforms, too. We get it!)

But for those whose time is more valuable than they may have previously deemed it to be (see above!), a small financial investment could be the best one you've looked into this week. 






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Skillslive customers, no matter whether they are in the Asia Pacific Region or elsewhere globally, everyone benefits from our dedicated team. We work when you work, and we're available when you need us. 

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Published by Evan Chapman April 5, 2021
Evan Chapman