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Gavin Russell
By Gavin Russell on May 20, 2021

Why Mobile Learning Benefits Your Organisation's Learning Performance

Mobile Learning solutions must address the learners' needs. If your training programs don't adapt to the needs of the learners, they’ll no longer remain relevant to your target market.



What is mobile-first learning?

Mobile learning can access your learning materials from mobile devices. Think of it as eLearning for the 21st Century.

Creating mobile-first learning content is the process of designing learning materials that don't just work on mobile devices but create engaging learning experiences for all learners, anywhere and on any device.

When we design learning materials and courses, the aim is to make them as engaging and as effective as possible. But before we even think about how to make something engaging, we need to think about how we're going to make it as accessible as possible to all learners.


Why take a mobile-first approach to learning?

We use mobile phones and tablets for so many functions each day; it only makes sense to incorporate them into our training strategy. Mobile technology plays a big part in our lives. It's a natural extension of everything we do.

The LinkedIn 2019 Workplace Learning Report found that nearly 75% of employees want to learn in their "spare time" at work; many prefer entirely self-directed training. A barrier to workplace learning is finding the time. The time needed to participate in conventional eLearning is limited or doesn't exist in most workplaces. 

Mobile learning solves these types of problems with flexible and manageable training programs.


Need a reason to act now? The Gen Z workforce is here. 

Generation Z (Gen-Z) is more disruptive than their Millennial counterparts in the workplace and their learning or professional development approach. Unlike the Millennials, Gen Z doesn't know what it's like to live without the internet or access to social media or a smartphone.

They have the inherent technological expertise to produce valuable social and digital insights for their employers, including delivering their learning programs.

Prepare yourself for a mobile-first workplace. It's here, either at the office or with remote workers or those who are working from home.


Mobile devices have established themselves in everyday life.

We know that more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet, read, collaborate and study. By creating coursework with the learner's preferred device in mind, you remove a potential hurdle to them completing the course.

In many cases, this isn't an option. Many people either don't have a personal desktop/laptop computer or don't have access to one while at work, where a lot of learning occurs.

For workers who work in desk-less jobs, those who are frequently on the move or those who work remotely, having access to learning materials on their device of choice is a prerequisite for them to undertake and engage with their coursework. 

Increase learner engagement.

By giving learners access to their coursework through their mobile devices, they are more likely to take part in and complete their studies.

Interactive, mobile learning experiences accessed instantly from anywhere are much more likely to maintain learners' interests and increase their engagement with the material.

Improve the quality of your learning materials.

Mobile-first content design results in better content engagement, regardless of the device. Information density for mobile learning is lower than typical eLearning. Be mindful of content authoring for shorter attention spans, device limitations, and mobile devices' short battery life. 

When you design for mobile, you need to take into consideration: 

  • the clarity and succinctness of your content
  • the ease of use and navigation (especially on a small screen)
  • accessibility requirements

There are several additional considerations when creating content for mLearning that differ from eLearning. To be successful, instructional designers must think about when and where users will be using the learning materials, how easy it will be for users to learn the information, and how they can ensure that the experience will be enjoyable.



Design your content for mobile devices.

A common misconception is that eLearning materials are transferred across to mLearning courses. Mobile learning presents exciting opportunities to connect with learners in new, innovative ways.

Learning content can take the form of text, video, audio, gamified content or - most commonly - a combination across all of them. Give your learners the flexibility to learn how and what suits them, leading to positive results for your learning objectives.


Things to consider when designing mobile-first content.

Focusing on these things - your language, visual design and optimisation - can only lead to better content overall and better learning experiences.

  • Use plain and straightforward language.
  • Think about how the content will function on a touch screen (e.g. navigation from page to page).
  • Keep in mind the screen size when designing images or graphics.
  • Create different formats for different environments where mobile devices are crucial to your success (such as noisy places, transport, remote workers).
  • Make the content responsive and functional on all devices - mobile and desktop.


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Published by Gavin Russell May 20, 2021
Gavin Russell